The latest and most luxurious private jets.

Money, as they say, can buy anything under the sun, of course apart from life. The most costly private possession in terms of an automobile one can ever claim ownership of is a private jet. We may not all be a billionaire to afford the luxury of owning a private plane, but then keeping the dream alive is very important. Those who can afford this luxury are very few and powerful in the corporate world. The advantages of having a private jet include avoiding traffic, having access to recreational facilities while traveling, saving time, and is guaranteed security. Years ago, private jets used to be small in size and could only hold a few passengers. But recently, there have been private jets bigger than commercial planes. Their design is meant to give maximum speed, comfort, convenience, and luxury. In this article, we shall have an overview of the coolest private jets in the world currently.

1. The Gulfstream G650ER.

This jet features a sitting capacity of up to nineteen passengers. It can travel faster and further than most of its counterparts. This jet has been known to have broken numerous speed records and utilizes the most controversial cockpit technology, including fly-by-wire flight systems and enhanced vision systems. For maximized comfort, the jet possesses the lowest cabin altitude in its category. The interior is highly customizable and features high quality leather, stonework, and premium wood fittings. Compartments include personal staterooms and conference areas, bedrooms, lounges, and galleries. It is fitted with sixteen large oval windows to increase natural light and give scenic views. It has an outstanding cabin management system through which passengers can control certain aspects through a smartphone application.

2. Boeing BBJ MAX 7

This jet features an LED decorated ceiling drawing a starry sky. Its interior can be customized to have conference rooms, washrooms, and a lounge with comfortable sofas. It also features topnotch cabin technology. It has a passenger capacity of nineteen, which is threefold of most of its counterparts.

3. Airbus ACJ Neo range

This model comes with a cabin that can be customized. And outstanding interior design options to select from.  You can look into charters from Jettly if you want to take a ride in one. This jet features high-speed internet connectivity, fly-by-wire flight, and fuel-efficient wing design. It has a passenger capacity of up to twenty-five. More impressive, this jet can fly continuously for twenty hours. Key features include a lounge with round tables for relaxing and meetings, a master bedroom and office, and bathrooms. The most outstanding feature is the sky ceiling, through which the views of the sky above can be projected.

4. Cessna Citation Longitude and Hemisphere.

This jet has a passenger capacity of up to twelve passengers. It has the quietest cabin in its category. It features fifteen large windows to maximize natural light and enables passengers to have a scenic view.

5. Embraer Lineage 1000E.

The jet has a passenger capacity of nineteen. The cabin features a baggage compartment. Additionally, the cabin is highly customizable, and among the configurations, it can be arranged in include bedrooms, living rooms, office spaces, and lounges. This jet has unique floor-to-ceiling windows for maximization of light and provides for a scenic view.

Indeed, the comfort of a private jet has all one would need!