What You Need To Know About Biker Gang?

It was just another Sunday afternoon when a shootout broke out between two rival gangs in an already violent city in Texas called Waco. The aftermath of this deadly even comprised of a body count which rose up to 9.

This event was solely caused by rival biker changed, and for this extremely traumatizing crime, nearly 170 were charged. You also will be astounded by the fact that a minimum of five gangs is believed to have been present there.

A massive event such as this couldn’t have been predicted since the frequency of gang wars were quite high, but none of this scale had taken place ever.

When looking at the numbers, you will realize that the number of motorcycle gang members in total only constitutes a small amount, which is 2.5%. Upon further inspection, however, it has been quite widely accepted that they are the most troublesome bunch among other gang members in their area by the police.

The inception of biker gangs

The biker culture’s roots can be traced all the way back to World War II. After returning home from war, plenty of veterans were unable to carry out their normal life after going through something that intense.

Since the state of the economy in the United States after the war was perfect and, combine that with the veteran’s severance package that was paid, owning a motorcycle wasn’t all that hard.


A significant incident that helped cement the hooligan and unruly image of bike riders was when a number of American Motorcyclist Association attendees began causing trouble after they got drunk and damaged public storefronts as well as peace.

The media outlets at that time needed just this in order to tarnish their image since the incident was overplayed and exaggerated with even photos that were allegedly faked being printed on newspapers.  You can find out more about the type of nefarious activities they were up to on thegunsource.com.

Why are they outlaws?

Technically, outlaw motorcycle clubs in the olden days was a moniker that was used to label clubs that weren’t recognized by the AMA but later, the troublemakers were started to be labeled just that.

Most outlaw bike gangs involve themselves in criminal activities such as dealing weapons, drugs and even prostitution. A lot of similarities can be drawn between how a biker organization and a corporate organization are structured. But qualities such as loyalty and gang mentality is what sets them apart from their counterpart.