Most Notorious American Biker Gangs

The most common mental image that people think of when they hear the term biker is of men who wear dirty leather and unkempt beard only to ride around the country causing as much chaos and damage as humanly possible.

Sadly, what many fail to realize is how their lives are almost identical to that of ordinary people’s lives since the only things that differentiate them from us is they find joy and comfort in their vehicles. But the typical picture that many think of is of the one percenters which is a term used to describe American biker gangs that indulge in illegal activities.

Not to mention, some members of said biker gangs also consist of convicted and arrested criminals.

Let us look at some well-known biker gangs

1. Free Souls

The Free Souls Motorcycle Club earns a spot in this list due to the fact that three members were arrested as well as charged on the accounts for possession of drugs which were illegal, motorcycles which were stolen and also weapons. This was done in the year 2007, and this incident isn’t isolated since the club also assaulted as well as murdered one Ronald McComb in 1999.


Quite surprisingly, The Free Souls Motorcycle also has a good side that they made known to the public when they helped put out an SUV what caught on fire.

2. Highwaymen Motorcycle Club

One of the most significant- maybe even the largest- and most infamous motorcycle clubs in Detroit, the latter may be the reason as to why they aren’t associated with the Detroit Federation of Motorcycle Clubs since they are known for their nefarious activities.  These guys were notorious for using trolling batteries.


Some of the criminal activities that the club was charged within 2007 were aiding as well as abetting murder, trafficking of highly controlled substance such as cocaine and also police corruption.

3. Hell’s Angels

No list of notorious biker gangs list would be complete without the inclusion of the all-famous Hell’s Angels. The club was formed sometime during the 40s or the 50s in California, and much of how they were formed or how they function is deep in secrecy.  This guy was just inducted.

But what is not a secret is how much trouble they have caused during their lifespan. Many even believe that the club has ties with The Rolling Stones since they were allegedly hired to act as the band’s bodyguards in 1963. After the crowd became violent, one person was stabbed and killed after he was seen waving a pistol around.